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Calling all code monkeys

Jul 16, 2003 — [14:45] <MBoffin> Post to my site that you're looking for something like that. There's a few code monkeys who might want to do it. Notably users like DataBind(), lyrical warfare, or dcormier.

I was looking around today for a network tool that would give me some broad rmon stats without having to install services or a application on remote servers. I couldn't find any. This could be my first problem; that it exists and I'm just not finding it.

My problem is, I am at server A. I need to measure network stats between Server B and Server C, both remote, both a real pain in the arse to get any local admin work done on in order to set up rmon services that I would normally use to get that data.

So I pose a challenge to you folks.
A) find the tool or
B) Build it :)

It would be a reporting tool that will gather data non-invasive. My idea was to establish network stats between A and B, and between A and C. Easy peazy. Next, spoof data to C, supposedly originating from B. Sniff B's reply to C's spoofed data. Insert higher math and tcpip voodoo using all 3 sides of that triangle to get me the equivalent stats between B and C.

This doesn't seem too hard, but I could be naive. It also seems like this should already be out there, but none of the sniffers and spoofers I could find seem to have network reporting in mind :p

So if it's not just my imagination, and the tool isn't out there, feel free to send MB and I 50% of all fame and fortune for whoever gets their name tattooed on remote network stat tool v1.

lyrical warfare says:

If you've got a Linux box available, [link http://www.ethereal.com/]Ethereal[/link] should do most of what you're looking for, if not all.

DataBind() says:

You don't need Linux to run Ethereal, but I don't think it will give you what you want. Besides, do you want a programmatic solution, or what?

What kind of network stats do you want? Permon data, or just a tcpip dump?

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dcormier says:

SNMP comes to mind (Windows 9x and later have SNMP services available, I believe). But as DataBind() said, it would be useful to know exactly what sort of data you're looking for.

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